Newbury Buddhist Monastery

The Newbury Buddhist Monastery is set on a beautiful 150-acre property neighbouring the Wombat State Forest in Victoria, Australia. It is located between Trentham and Blackwood, about 70 minutes north-west of Melbourne.

The monastery was officially opened by Ven. Ajahn Brahm in May 2015, and has been growing steadily ever since. Newbury is unique in that it is only one of a very few monasteries in the world and the very first in Victoria that support both Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni ordination and practice.

Monastics and lay practitioners are welcome to stay at Newbury to develop their Buddhist practice, subject to accommodation availability and the suitability of guests to the monastic environment. Monastics staying at Newbury are expected to observe the precepts according to their ordination category, while lay practitioners are required to follow the 8 precepts. There is no charge to stay at Newbury but donations are  greatly appreciated.

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